Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Carpenter by Kera Faire

I’d just like to say thank you for inviting me as me dark side, Kera Faire to showcase the latest Death Isle book…The Carpenter.
This is the sixth book in a series I originally thought would be three books. (Just shows never to say never eh?”

Undercover work plays havoc with any relationship, let alone when your boss is The Carpenter.
Dori Mason is good at her job—usually. However one look from her new boss is all that’s needed to turn her from a capable, in charge, woman to a complete klutz.
For his part Maddock wonders what terrible sin he must have committed in a past life to be landed with the Pa from hell. The fact that she rouses his inner Dom like no other has done before her is so not helping the issue.
He has a job to do, and that means that Dori is forbidden fruit.
A call for help from the Dark Isle, changes everything.
When their masks fall away, the gloves—and clothes— come off.
In the midst of a threat to the very existence of the Dark Isle, can Dori and Maddock find a future together?

And a wee tease…

Maddock slid her down his body. Every inch of her front moved oh so slowly over his erect cock. Red hot arousal shot through her as her mouth went dry, her sight blurry and her clit achingly hard. Her skin tingled and pain of the best kind hit her as Mason dropped her onto the bed, lifted her top with one hand and drew her boob into his mouth with the other. And bit her nipple.
She arched up off the mattress with a moan as he covered her face with the soft cloth of her top. Her arms were lifted and her hands wrapped around the top of the headboard.
“Do not move.” Maddock the Master was back in full force.
Her, “No, Sir,” was an automatic response. His chuckle reached her even though it was muffled by material.
“Good girl. I think we need to talk and then maybe play or punish. I wonder which. First things first, though. You were going to tell me about my totally incompetent but always around PA.” The mattress depressed as she assumed he sat on it, then a typical Scottish chill wafted over her pussy as presumably her skirts were gathered around her waist. His finger circled her clit. Mason hoped it was his, she didn’t fancy a threesome or going public.
“It’s ah…” Damn, she couldn’t concentrate as he played with her clit and almost lazily put one finger inside her.
“Ah?” A second finger followed the first. “Ah what?”
“Ah well I’m not usually as klutzy, but I got even more flustered around you than I had to and couldn’t help it,” she said in a rush.
“And the rest.”
 Both fingers were withdrawn and she felt bereft. Empty and… shit what did he say? “Oh Darke asked me to keep an eye on you. You’ll have to ask him why, specifically. All I got told was someone might try to eliminate you, and he really didn’t want it to happen. That was all.” She held her breath. It was true but by God it sounded pathetic.
“Hmm, sounds like Darke to keep us both in the Dark. I just wondered what the hell I’d done to deserve you. Now I know. You were meant for me. Just not as my PA.”
A shrill bell sounded and she began to wriggle off the bed. A large hand held her in place.
“Did I say you could move?”
“Well no but. But.” The bell shrilled on.
 The hand that held her moved and smacked her pussy. She had the irreverent thought that she’d given the hand a mind and a will of its own, before she replied. “No Sir.”
“Exactly. Now stay there while I answer it.”
Try as she might she couldn’t fathom out more than the odd ‘yeah, good true, right, eight. Bye’, before there was silence. Mason held her breath as the air moved.
“Now where were we?” Maddock asked.
“You were going to tell me what that was all about maybe, Sir?”
He chuckled. “I’d like to spank you for your sass and keep you in the dark as Darke did to us, but I won’t. It was Milo. Verene is in Thailand. All alerts off. For now. So, let me decide. Ah yes. As I said before, pet. Do not move.”
“Yes, Sir. Or should that be no, Sir? Anyway I’ll do as you say, Sir.”

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Happy reading,
love Raven/Kera xx

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