Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Update on the state of... Me....

Hi all! Happy Tuesday and *GULP* November! It's Election Day today, so I've "elected" to tell you all a little of what's happening in my life.

Well, first and foremost I voted today! I don't care how you vote, just vote. #Vote

Okay, so now.... onto the "me" things.... :)

So, as a lot of you know, I wrote as Honor James when I first came into the publishing world. I loved working with Siren, still do love them and fully plan on doing works for them next year! (If I'm accepted! Meep!) With that in mind, I want to let you know that I'm getting rights back to some of my books from Siren, not because I want to get away from the publisher but so that I can re-write the books and hopefully republish them (with Siren with the re-writes I plan) but most likely will publish them all under April Zyon instead of Honor James.

So, the books that I've gotten rights back to, or am getting them back to are:

From Paranormal Protection Unit - these will take a hot minute to re-write, and new stories will come as well because I fully intend on making all of them Menage except for Book 2 (Quincy's book) and Book 7 (Talon's book)

  1. Their Unexpected Mate, PPU 1
  2. Their Mating Illusion, PPU 2
  3. Their Improbable Mating, PPU 3
  4. Their Mating Rituals, PPU 4
  5. Their Unusual Mating, PPU 5
  6. The Kings Mate, PPU 6
  7. His Angelic Mate, PPU 7
  8. The Dark Kings Mate, PPU 8
  9. The Wraiths Mate, PPU 9
  10. The Rogue Hunters Mate, PPU 10
  11. Their Mating Triad, PPU 11

From Lords of the Expanse, I might have these out before more of the PPU books. I need to clean up a lot that I noticed in re-reading them as well as adding more BDSM elements for Siren to consider taking this MF series.
  1. Bonds Of Blood, LOTE 1
  2. Trained in Blood, LOTE 2
  3. Finding the Blood Assassin, LOTE 3 (Will be requesting this right in January)

From The Royal Wolves - I'm kind of in limbo on what I want to do with these. For certain clean them up a LOT but I don't want to make them menage, and I don't feel that BDSM works for them either.... so I'm torn! 

  1. To The Edge and Back, RW 1
  2. Into The Fire, RW 2
  3. Crowning Glory, RW 3
  4. All in the Chemistry, RW 4
  5. Reaching For My Angel, RW 5
  6. and finally finish and release the last book, Max's book!

So yeah, that's about where I am right now. Add to it that I'm working on a new stand-alone book: Redemption, Freely Given. I'm also working on the next books for East Coast Bad Boys, Silver Devils and ..... Beyond The Veil! Yes folks, I'm going back to the future in this paranormal menage romance series!

Now then, since it's election day... Show me your voting pic and you might just get some goodies from me!!! I don't care how you voted, I honestly don't want to know, I just care that you *DID* vote!

For now, be good to each other and smile - someone might need it.


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