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New Release Wednesday! 6-26-2019

Hello and welcome to this weeks, New Release Wednesday! :)
Please enjoy!

From Siren Bookstrand

Saved by His Demons by Camellia Dawn:
His Everthing by Lynn Stark:
Bear the Heat by Lynn Hagen:
A Love to Kill For by Dixie Lynn Dwyer: (Such a GREAT fluffing series!)
Assassin's Soul by Shea Balik:

From Evernight Publishing

Other fab author friends... 

Hot SEAL, Australian Nights (SEALs in Paradise)
Kissing the Biker's Boo-Boo (A Dogs of Fire Wolf Pup Story Book 1) by Piper Davenport
Restored by Alexa Riley
The Traveling Teacher (The Book Club 9) by Kirsten Osbourne
Delayed Satisfaction by Lauren Blakey
Atlas's Forbidden Wolf (Mystic Wolves Book 7) by Elle Boon Author
A Lady in Disguise by Lynsay Sands
A Rainbow Above Us (Blessings, Georgia Book 8) by Sharon Sala
Alpha's Promise (Dark Protectors Book 10) by Rebecca Zanetti - Author
Changing Lines (Bellevue Bullies Book 5) by Toni Aleo
Dark Prison: A Dark Falls, CO Romantic Thriller by Lori Ryan
I Will Not Beg (Mountain Masters & Dark Haven Book 9) by Cherise Sinclair
Sign, SEAL and Deliver (Silver SEALs Book 8) by Geri Foster
Stolen Risk (Aegis Group Task Force Book 1) by Sidney Bristol
The Heart You Break by Cynthia Eden
Total Surrender (Dirty Sexy Fairy Tales Book 1) by Erika Wilde
Walker: Lighthouse Security Investigations by Maryann Jordan
Adore Me (Austin Singles Book 3) by Kelly Elliott
Make Me Need by Katee Robert

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

New Release Wednesday! 6-19-2019

Hello loves and welcome to New Release Wednesday! :)
I would love to give a most special shout out to Rose Nickol, I get a lot of my list from her weekly! <3

From Evernight Publishing

The Tattoo Artis's Mate by Doris O'Connor and Raven McAllan
The Rat by Louis Collins:
Using the Biker by Sam Crescent:
Foolin' by Allyson Young

From Siren BookStrand

Bishop by Jane Perky:
Slaves to a Voice by Jools Louis:
Shadow Dance by Zara Chase:
Alpha Province: Danger & Mayhem by Becca Van (personal note, I fluffing LOVE this series!):
The Cure by Marcy Jacks:

Other Friends New Releases! 

Lexi Blake & 1,001 Dark Nights, Enchanted
Elle James, Total Meltdown
Avery Flynn, Parental Guidance
Freya Barker, 10-Code
Meghan Quinn, The Locker Room
Marie Force, Till There Was You
Alta Hensley, Fallen Daughters
Bella Lovewins, Rise
Chelle Bliss, Love
J. Kenner, Broken With You

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3 Books 1 Low Price!

Now available from April Zyon!

Title:  Short Story Collection #MF #Contemporary #Paranormal #Romance

Includes the following Short Romance stories!

Alaska’s Snowy Mate Is it Alaska’s Snowy fate to find Drake and fall in love, only to die in the process?

Lost Faith She was just a job. He was just a tool. Feelings were not supposed to play a part in any of it.

Redemption: Freely Given Can a demon and a human find their happily ever after? Or will Arkady's service to Hell ruin it all?

Grab it Here!

Collection Ad KU


Redemption: Freely Given
 Her shift had only just begun at the Shaved Pussy and already her feet hurt, so did her ass. She was only a waitress there, but the men seemed to think that because she worked at a strip club, they could smack her ass and pinch it as much as they wanted.
The bouncers always appeared to look the other way as well, fuckers. As long as the talent wasn’t being harassed, the men didn’t really give two figs, as long as she wasn’t hurt badly enough to cause her to have to leave her shift. That was all that was important to them, and she knew it. She was barely a commodity to them because she didn’t dance to earn money for the bar.
 Another hand landed on her ass while she tried to sidestep a drunk that was sitting there and continuously attempting to get her to give him just twenty minutes in the VIP room. She had to snort at that. If the man could only muster twenty minutes, there was no way in hell she was going to break her own personal rule and go anywhere with him.
She didn’t sleep with clients, she didn’t sleep with co-workers, and she didn’t do anything that could possibly cause her to get pregnant. She had enough of a fucked-up life and refused to add to it. Plus, she also refused to hurt a child born to her, and with how she lived, it would be harmful. No, she was a waitress, and that was it, period.
She spent her nights waiting tables here, her mornings at the diner that was halfway between the Shaved Pussy and her little hole in the wall apartment. She hoped and prayed that one day she would be able to do more than that but, in the meantime, she was not going to make the same mistakes her mother made. She refused to do anything that would cause her any more issues in her life, let alone add a complete innocent to it.
 Taking a deep breath, Brynn plastered the smile on her face and dropped off more drinks before moving back to the bar so that she could put in drink orders for another table. While she was waiting for those, she looked over the crowd and took in where everyone was. Brynn was moving her head to the sound of the music, she loved the song playing, so of course, she was going to give a little move to it. She might not have a radio, but she heard lots of music through the walls of her apartment and here at the Shaved Pussy, as well.
 She narrowed her gaze on one of the heavy-handed men and wasn’t surprised when he reached out and grabbed the dancer, tugging her ankle to pull her to her ass on the dance floor and toward him. Well, sucked to be him because she was one of the talent and no one let those ladies be man-handled like that! She snickered when she saw the large bulks of the bouncers melt from the shadows and quickly take him in hand and hustled him out of the club.
 Well, crap, that meant that she lost a table when his friends followed him out. She sighed and waved to the bartender. “Jack, hey, cancel that last order please?”
 “No can do, Brynn. Already made.” He replied with a cocky smirk on his face that said he enjoyed making her pay for the drinks. “That means you get to pay, sugar. I suggest you take a drink and let yourself go a little. You know, they do let us drink on the job.”
 “Yeah but I have to make it to the diner, and they don’t like drinking,” Brynn replied and pulled the fifty bucks out of her tips, which left her with thirty dollars in tips for the night. Great. So that meant she would need to go to the food pantry again. She had to make sure that her rent was paid, so groceries were off the table for her this week. She tossed the money his way and then turned so that she could check on her other tables, in hopes that she would be able to pump some more money out of the few tables she had left.

About the Author

April Zyon is an author of erotic and paranormal romance. The hotter the sizzle, the better. Lover of Alpha heroes, bad boys, and the women they love. Insta-love believer, and true romantic at heart. April has written over 100 books in a variety of genres. Paranormal, Contemporary, Sci-fi, Ménage; and they all feature sexy heroines and the hot heroes that love them!!  

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Share and Care Sunday!

Hello darlings! Okay, so in the effort to share more love in the world of Romance I'm going to *TRY* to give you links each Sunday with some of my author pals! I'm not putting mine here, because really mine are on the website already <3.

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New Release Wednesday!

Hello loves and welcome to New Release Wednesday! Below are just a few new books out! :)
#NewReleases #ShareTheLove

From Evernight Publishing

From Siren Bookstrand:

Sweet Hell by Lynn Hagen:
Diesel by Jane Perky:
Her Forever Mountain by Marla Monroe

More Friends Releases! 

Dare To Be Mine by Sandy Sullivan:
Saving Evie by L.K. Shaw:
Take Me Down by Carly Phillips-
Defender by Donna Grant-
Hot Blooded Heroes by Joanna Blake-
Must Love Logs by Xavier Neal-
The Mad Lieutenant by Author K Webster and Nicole Blanchard-
28 Dates by Stacey Lynn Author-
Naughty Stranger by Stacey Kennedy-
Cruel Intentions by Siobhan Davis-
His Love by Fiona Davenport Author-
Pretty Scars by CD Reiss-
Satisfaction Guaranteed by Lauren Blakely-
One Man by Lisa Renee Jones-
Kickin’ It by Rachel Van Dyken-
Slay by Laurelin Paige-
The Edge of Us by Jamie McGuire-

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New Release Wednesday!

Hello Lovers, its Wednesday! I am going to *TRY* to start to do this weekly, so I'm ever hopeful that I can keep it up <3
So... New Releases! :)

His Innocent Mate by Jenika Snow& Jordan Marie -
Unexpected Angel by N.j. Walters-
Roped for Pleasure by Lacey Thorn-
The Mafia’s Curvy Woman by Sam Crescent-
A Single Touch by Willow Winters-
Missing in Action by KL Donn Author-
Needing Forever by Terri Anne Browning-
Stacee’s Recovery by Rose Nickol Author-
Boys That Tease by Betti Rosewood-
Boone by Lori Foster-
Two Week Arrangement by Kendall Ryan-
The Skull Ryder by Penelope Sky-
Slay by Laurelin Paige-
Defending Harlow by Author Susan Stoker -
The Two Week Arrangement by Kendall Ryan-
This Is Crazy by Natasha Madison -
The Skull Ruler by Penelope Sky-
A Debt Owed by Clarissa Wild-->
Single Dad on Top by Knights JJ, Author-->
Even the Score by Author Beth Ehemann-->
Claudio by Ginger Talbot-->
Roped for Pleasure by Lacey Thorn-->