Friday, July 28, 2017

Fresh Friday Reads, #2

Hello and welcome back to my second installment of, Fresh Friday Reads! I hope that your Friday is shaping up to be an amazing day! Today I am determined to finish this book (Dimitri) so that I can complete the outline for a brand new series! :) <3

So, today's Fresh Friday Read is from Book 4 of Heroes of Olympus!! It is in the Aquisitions Editors hands currently for Evernight Publishing! I hope that Evernight will accept the book. Fingers and toes crossed! <3

So, without further adeiu here is the first chapter of - Her Healing Touch, Heroes of Olympus book 4


Chapter One

“She’s crying again,” Aphrodite murmured as she stood watch over the well.
            “She tried to date someone that wasn’t meant for her. He was not a good man, and he would never be the one that got her heart pumping the way that Scions will,” Athena said with a smile. “Just wait until they come into her life; she will then understand love.”
            “What makes you so confident that they are meant for her?”
            “When did you become such a cynic when it comes to love?”
            “When Eros pissed me off,” Aphrodite said with a huff.
            “Wait.” Aphrodite leaned in and looked into the well once more. “Why is that man unseen to us?” From the clothing and stance, it was obvious she was talking to a man, but where his head should have been was only a cloud of fog.
            “I don’t like this. Ares?” she called to her brother.
            “Yes, sister dear?” Ares gave Athena a kiss to her cheek and then Aphrodite. “Why are you watching Hailey? Who’s that with her?”
            “That’s what we were hoping that you could tell us. Can you see him?”
            “Of course. He looks like Thanatos, but he hasn’t walked the Earth for some years.”
            “Since we caged Hades. Thanatos has kept himself separate from us all. That explains why Aphrodite and I can’t see him.” Ares simply snorted, he knew that it was because the women spurned the God, and so did they.
            “He’s still pissed off at the two of you.”
            “Yes, he is,” Aphrodite said with a shrug. “He’s just pissed because we wouldn’t fuck him at the same time.”
            “I think it’s more than that.” Ares watched the well carefully and growled. “He’s touching her. Why is he touching her?”
            “We don’t know. She was just dumped by another loser human. She deserves the ones created for her.”
            “She’s lonely?” Ares asked with a frown, still watching Thanatos with Hailey.
            “She’s very lonely, especially since her brother went off and joined the Peace Corps and left her alone.”
            “He was meant to be in them. He’s built to lead. Not like the Scions, but in his own human way.”
            “Is he?” Athena reached out to touch the water but held her hand just barely back from it.
            “Holy shit. He’s kissing her. Why?” Ares grumbled now. “I need to stop this. She’s needed by her men.” Ares touched the water and called. “Thanatos. Come here. Now.”
            The man lifted his head after kissing Hailey and walked away from her. They watched Hailey turn and walk back into the hospital where she worked.


            “You rang?” Thanatos said smugly as he appeared in the room with the two goddesses and the god.
            “Why did you kiss her? You know she is a descendant and is destined for a pair of Scions.” Aphrodite spat out at Thanatos.  
            “What, are you jealous, ‘Dite?” He smirked. “I kissed her because I like her. She’s a very sweet woman, she’s utterly beautiful inside and out, and she has a gift. She truly is from Aceso. She heals, but thinks that it's modern medicine.”
            “Why are you with her?” Ares demanded.
            “Because she needs protection. The last man she dated was a piece of shit. He owes the Russian Mafia approximately two and a half million dollars and he’s put her up for collateral. And no, I’m not kidding.”
            “Fuck, this sucks ass because it’s not like we can go down and pay it. We can’t become embroiled in the day to day with humans. Shit.” Ares ran his hands through his hair and began to pace.
            “Which is why Dr. Tom is now at her hospital. You might not be able to get involved but I’ve never colored inside of the lines.” Thanatos said with a quirk of a grin.
            “Tom? Seriously? And a doctor? They actually believe you?” Athena asked with a frown. “And we can’t interfere with the mafia unless they come after her, and then only the Scions can ensure that she’s safe. Does she know?”
            “No. I’ve kept her as safe as I could. You are just lucky that I was down playing poker with some Irishmen and overheard them bitching about the Russians. Evidently one of the Irish, Connor, had his eye on the lovely Dr. Davenport.”
            “It’s the kindness in her soul that draws the darkness to her. Draws the men that are less than good to her.”
            “Does that mean that her scions are less than good?” Thanatos asked with a smirk.
            “Of course not,” Ares grumbled and then shook his head. “I will get them tracking her way. Thank you for keeping her safe.”
            “I like her. She’s sweet. I had wondered just what sort of woman would come from Aceso. Now I know. She’s a pure soul. That’s why the children she cares for respond so well to her.”
            “True. This is very true. I will mobilize the men.” Ares stated again. “Watch over her, Dr. Tom?” He asked with laughter following him as he disappeared.
            “I will gladly watch over the good doctor, anytime, anyway, and any day of the week. I would just take care of how long you leave her in my care because you never know how long I can resist temptation.” Thanatos’s parting words weren’t lost on any of the Gods there in the Hall of Watching on Olympus.

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