Sunday, July 30, 2017

#SixSentenceSunday - from my WIP, Dimitri

I was bored. If I had to go to another one of these functions, I might just carve my own eyeballs out with the little silver spoons that they have on the pristine table clothes. There was so much more that I would rather do, like mow the lawn of the estate – with a push mower – and I was allergic to grass. Yes, anything would be better than being here with these elitist assholes, but then again, that was the life that I was born into so I guess that I fit into that category as well so I should not knock that life that I was living in.

After all, I had everything that a woman could ever dream of. I had beautiful clothing, an amazing car to drive, doting parents and an education that many would kill for.



I hope you enjoyed this additional look into my newest work in progress. I hope to finish this tonight! <3 

© 2017 April Zyon

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