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Her Husband's Army Buddy by Doris O'Connor

Thanks so much for hosting my new release today. Her Husband’s Army Buddy is out now, and the first in a new series called McLeod Security.

Like so many of my stories, this one started as flash on my blog. Little did I know then, that it would evolve into a series. When I expanded the flash, it was to be a short story in honor of one of my reader’s birthdays. The Sandy in the story J

As I wrote it took on a life of its own, side characters popped up demanding their story to be told, and hey presto a new series was born. Book two is already completed and the next two are in the planning stages, so watch this space as they.

I should add that all stories will be Standalones, loosely connected through McLeod Security, some darker than others, with different pairings and D/s dynamics, and familiar characters will pop up throughout.

McLeod Security, 1

There should only ever be two people in a marriage...

Sandy McLeod has been perfectly happy in her D/s relationship with her husband Zane for the last ten years. Until his old army buddy re-enters their life.

Sean Manson is altogether too handsome, too virile, far too much of anything. The man oozes dominance, danger, and leashed aggression, and Sandy can’t help but respond to him. Neither can Zane. He walked away from Sean once. Now, he’s back, long suppressed feelings bubble to the surface and cannot be denied. When Sandy agrees to a threesome, happiness seems within their grasp. Sean’s demons, however, threaten to destroy everything they hold dear.

Sean never meant to come between husband and wife, let alone hurt either one of them. Surely, the only solution is to walk away from them both. When you’re the missing piece, however, walking is simply not an option.

Be Warned: menage sex (MMF), anal sex, BDSM, m/m sex, sex toys, double penetration

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Excerpt 1:

“We need to get her out of this dress, Sir.”

Hearing her husband address Sean like that gave her a secret thrill, the likes of which she wouldn’t have thought possible. To know that she was at the mercy of two Doms, one of which was an unknown entity made this whole thing extra exciting. Whether it was the perceived danger Sean represented, the not knowing how far he would take things, her befuddled brain couldn’t quite figure out. She stopped thinking altogether when Zane unzipped her dress at the back, followed by the snap on her bra and slid his hands around her ribcage to cup her freed breasts.

“Let her go a minute so we can lose these contraptions.” Zane’s grumbled command pitched her need even higher.

Sean stopped kissing her, the pressure on her wrists ceased, and in the next instant she was naked, barring her soaked through thong, hold-up stockings, and the heels she still wore.

“Fuck, you’re beautiful.” Sean’s deep voice showed his admiration of her body as much as his perusal of her as he stepped back and let his hot gaze roam all over. “Spread her for me, so that I can look my fill of our sweet cunt.”

The dirty words turned her on almost as much as her husband’s immediate response.

“Your wish is my command, Sir.”

Zane kicked her legs apart and held her wrists firmly behind her back. Sean, in the meantime, shrugged out of his shirt, and kicked his shoes and trousers off with a speed that left her dizzy. As did the size of his erection straining against the damp confines of his boxers. To know she’d done that to him was a heady aphrodisiac indeed, as was her husband’s erection pushing against her ass.

Sean divested himself of his boxers, too, and she gasped when his thick shaft bobbed up to his navel. She’d been right. He was huge. While his girth wasn’t as thick as Zane’s he had a good half inch in length, and Zane wasn’t exactly small in that department.

Heavily veined, Sean’s magnificent cock looked ready to explode all over again, the broad tip already glistening in pre-cum.

She wanted to taste him so badly, yet Zane’s grip on her wrists stopped her from reaching out. As though Sean had read her thoughts, he groaned and, taking his shaft in his hand, pumped a few times along its length.

“Soon, you get to suck my cock, sweet girl, but for now, I need to taste you properly.” With that he got to his knees. As tall as he was that action brought his head level with her breasts, and he wasted no time in taking full advantage of that fact. Sean held each breast in his large hand, and grinning up at her pushed them together, before he took both nipples into his mouth and sucked hard.

Sandy tugged at Zane’s restraints, and her knees would have buckled had Zane not pushed his thigh between her legs to keep her upright. Her head fell back against his shoulder, and she gave herself over to the intense sensations Sean’s talented tongue subjected her to. Her nipples had always been sensitive, a livewire straight to her clit, and with the dual sensation of Sean’s sucks and the gentle friction Zane’s leg created between her thighs, she climbed the rungs of arousal in record time. Her hips bucked against her husband’s leg as she sought to increase the friction she needed to go over.
A sharp bite to her shoulder coincided with Sean releasing his hold on her nipples with an audible pop.

“No coming without your Sirs’ permission, baby girl, or we’ll leave you hanging.”

Sure enough, Zane withdrew his thigh, while Sean grasped her hips to keep her steady. He kissed his way down her soft belly, interspersing kisses with little bites that left her hovering on the precipice. He bypassed her pussy and, flinging one of her legs over his shoulder, nibbled along the edge of her stocking.

“Hmm, as much as I love these, they need to come off. Look at me, pet.”

Sandy’s eyes flew open, and the sight of Sean between her legs made another gush of moisture trickle past the elastic of her thong. He licked that trail away, and she groaned.

“Please, I need to, please.”

Grinning, Sean blew a stream of hot air across her still covered slit, and her clit contracted in need.
“What do you need, sweet Sandy? Do you need to come?” He nudged his nose along her vulva, inhaling deeply, and Sandy jerked. Not that it got her very far because Zane’s hold on her wrists never lessened, and Sean’s fingers dug into her hips with so much pressure, she would surely be left with bruises. The thought of carrying his marks made breathing even more difficult, and she groaned her reply.

“Please, so close, I … God…”

She wasn’t entirely sure what pleas were spilling from her lips, and in truth she was far too gone to care. With Zane’s harsh breaths in her ear, and Sean’s dirty words she was a goner.

“So very eager. I can see your little clit push against this lace. You’re close, aren’t you, sweet thing? Such a turn-on. What do you think, Zane, should we let her come or torture her some more?”

Sean let go of her hips briefly to tear her thong clean off of her, and then he looked his fill.

“So very wet, and pink. Your hole is clenching, begging to be filled. What do you want in there, pet? My tongue? My fingers? My cock? Or Zane’s? Tell me, or I’ll leave you hanging and fuck your husband instead.”

Excerpt 2:

Sean’s gaze heated at Zane’s answer, and he wished there wasn’t a damn table between them. Zane couldn’t stand the physical distance between them anymore. He wanted, needed to reconnect with Sean, just him and his Sir.

“I guess we are. I want you, boy.” Sean’s voice dropped on those last few words, and Zane shot to his feet, rounded the table, and got to his knees in front of his Sir. He fixed his gaze on Sean’s bare feet and murmured his answer.

“Then have me, Sir.”

Sean’s sharp intake of breath was music to his ears, as were his Sir’s next words.

“Be careful what you wish for, boy, because if we’re doing this, then know you’ve earned yourself a sore ass for having neglected our girl.”

Sean grasped Zane’s chin and tilted his head up until their gazes met. Silent determination greeted Zane, as well as so much emotion it made Zane swallow hard to get rid of the lump in his throat.

“I know, and I’m sorry, Sir. I won’t let that happen again. I was just…” He couldn’t bring himself to continue, but he should have known his Sir wouldn’t let him get away with that. The hold on his chin grew painful, and Sean positively glared at him.

“You were just what? Say it out loud, boy. If this is going to work, all three of us we need to talk about everything that bothers us. You know that.”

Zane shut his eyes and nodded.

“You hurt my feelings when you cut yourself off.” The hold on his chin turned into a caress as Sean stroked his fingers along Zane’s jaw, and then kissed him. It was the briefest of touches, so gentle, he might have imagined it, had he not heard the whispered words.

“I know, my love, and I’m sorry. It was a dick move on my part. I won’t cut you out like that again.”
Sean opened his eyes and lost himself in his Sir’s gaze all over again.

“Promise?” he asked, not at all ashamed at the tears he was fighting to not give into.

“I promise, and you must promise me something, too.”

“Anything, Sir.”

“If I ever do that again, pull me up on it.”

Zane didn’t even try to hold his emotions in this time, and he knew he didn’t have to. This was his Sir, and he could deal with his tears, just as he could deal with the burdens Sean carried with him.
“I will, if you promise to do the same for me. We need to be our best for our girl.”

Sean nodded, and swiped the tears off Zane’s face with his fingertips.

“That we do, but right here and now I don’t want to talk about her. I want to redden my boy’s ass to wipe the slate clean and then fuck him senseless until neither one of us can move.”

The words hung in the air between them, and Zane gave his consent.

“God, yes, Sir.”

How they made it up the stairs and into the spare room, Zane would never know. They left a trail of his clothes behind, as he frantically pulled them off, in between kisses, which turned ever more passionate. Teeth clashed, mouths devoured, but, finally, mercifully, he was naked, bent over the end of the bed, and ready to take whatever his Sir had in store.

“Always so eager, my boy.”

Sean’s guttural voice pitched his own need higher, and he rubbed his rock-hard dick along the edge of the bed to gain some much-needed relief.

A red-hot strip of pain exploded across his butt cheeks, and Zane grunted. Fuck, that stung. Not that he had much time to process it, because another, just as hard strike happened, followed by several more in quick succession, which left him panting for breath.

“That’s for trying to get yourself off without me, boy.” Sean’s hands dug into the painful welts he’d just laid across Zane’s ass, and Zane hissed through his teeth at the rough sensation.

“That was my belt, and there’s more of that to come if you don’t behave, are we clear?”

“Yes, Sir. I’m sorry.”

“Good, now these are for your treatment of Sandy.”

About Doris
Doris is a writer of sensual, sassy, and sexy tales involving alpha heroes to die for, and heroines who give as good as they get.  From contemporary to paranormal, Sci-fi, BDSM, M/M, and Ménage, haunting love stories are guaranteed.

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Tease me Tuesday

Today's Tease Me Tuesday comes from my WIP... 

Untitled, East Coast Bad Boys 2

© 2018 by April Zyon

I glanced at Vinny and Ivan and wanted to groan. Life was never going to be the same, not just because of my bestie but because of these men. Vinny I knew. I had known him all of my life, and damn the man if I wasn't in love with the asshat the whole time. Even if he had only seen me as the fat one of his sisters friends it hadn’t mattered. Nope, him I understood, but the Russian enforcer was a different ball of yarn. Him I didn't get and probably never would. Not if I wanted to keep breathing at least. It was best if I played coy and got the hell out of Vegas as quickly as possible, literally since Scarlet and Dimitri were married in Vegas. I just hoped that Breaker remembered and called me at the appointed time so I could rush off due to an emergency at school and get back to my reality. Not one where two men who were as hot as the sun lusted after me. This was some kind of weird was dream. Period, the end. 
I was standing in a corner, granted behind a huge potted palm tree, when I was suddenly caught off guard. I was shocked when a large hand touched me and took my left hand but nothing could have prepared me for the roughened hand that took my right hand. What in the name of all of Gods creations was going on? Looking up I saw the two men, Ivan holding my champagne while Vinny looked down at me as if I had just made all of his Birthday wishes come true simply because I wasn’t jerking away from him. Yep, I was in deep shit here.
“Can I help you?” I asked when I was finally able to find my voice. The touch of these two men was impossible to ignore, it ignited something in me that I had long ago forgotten about. Their touches made me feel alive and that terrified me more than anything that I could understand.
“We want a dance.” Vinny told me softly, his large thumb caressing my hand and making me a bit weak in the knees.
“Both of you? Then you should dance together.” I knew that I sounded like a sourpuss but I had to have these men away from me or I was going to go into a gooey puddle at their feet and that just wouldn’t do at all. I had more of a backbone then that.
“Oh darling, you wound us.” Ivan spoke softly, lifting my hand and brushing his lips over my knuckles. A move that had Vinny letting out a low growling sound. That was a new one. I had never heard him making those sorts of noises, ever. Then again, Ivan’s soft lips against my knuckles was something I couldn’t dream of either. I had to get out of here, I had to get away or I was going to fall so hard for both men that it really would kill me to walk away.
“I don’t think that I could wound either of you, you both have on body armor. I wonder what Scarlet would think if she knew that you were both dressed for war while at her reception? Naughty, naughty boys.” I told them. However, I realized in that second that I had made a big mistake by acknowledging that I realized what they were wearing.
Backing me to the wall both men seemed to have placed their tumblers of drinks as well as mine in the potted plant. It was comical, however at this moment in time all I felt was warm and fuzzy. I wanted Vinny, had for as long as I could remember but now I wanted Ivan too, at least once. There was something seriously wrong with me and I knew it.
Ivan spoke first, his fingers running over my cheek as he did so. “I believe that you should invite us to your room to dance if you don’t want to be seen on the floor with me.”
Wait, what? I couldn’t believe that this man had just suggested what he did but even more so when Vinny added, “I have to agree with him, at least once.” Vinny then did something he had never done before, he leaned in and brushed his lips over the side of my neck and bit my earlobe.
Fuck my life but that tiny nibble went straight to my pussy and then Ivan began. His hand moved over my back and down to my ass. He gave it a squeeze and smiled. He knew what he was doing to me, they both did. Damn them. Ivan’s hand moved up the back of my leg and under my skirt, the wall at our back and large planter at our front protecting us from sight.
I closed my eyes and let out a quiet moan, I had to be quiet since there were people having a chat on the other side of the plant. This was indecent, and I loved it. When Ivan’s hand touched my ass I had to bite my lips. That didn’t last long however because before I knew it Vinny was kissing me while Ivan squeezed and caressed my behind. I was both thankful and cursing the thong I was wearing. These men were working in synch to wear me down and it worked, perfectly for them. I opened my mouth at Vinny’s probing lips and tongue and shivered when his kiss deepened and Ivan’s clever fingers made their way under the floss like thread of my panties which had me whimpering with need.

© 2018 by April Zyon