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September 2018 Monthly Giveaway!

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Now Available!!

East Coast Bad Boys, 2
Edlyn Carter has a secret, one that she is determined to keep at all costs. Coming back for her best friend’s wedding, she encounters not just one threat to her secrets, but two—two impossibly beautiful men who hold her heart in their hands.

Vincent Vanderwall has watched Edlyn from the time she was a child, waiting for her to become an adult so that he can take what’s his. Now he is ready, but the woman he wants to make his forever has grown into a beauty who is hiding deadly secrets from him.

Meeting her when she came into Vegas for her friend’s wedding, Ivan Petrov knew this woman was it the second he laid eyes on her. The only issue is that he lives an incredibly dangerous life, and he can’t allow someone as innocent as she is into it. 

Just when they are all going to finally find perfection together, Edlyn is called away, and now it is up to Vincent and Ivan to find out exactly what she is hiding from them and tell her that there is only one way that this is going to work. She is theirs, and it is damn time she knew it.

But will Edlyn’s secrets tear them apart before they even get started?
Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), double penetration

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Vincent Vanderwall 
Taking a drink from the tumbler filled with amber liquid I felt the burn as it slid down my throat, but it didn’t dim the feelings that were in raging inside of me. I hadn’t dreamed that I would come home and find one of my baby sister’s friends grown into the beauty that I knew she would be. I was very well aware of Edlyn and always had been. She had been shy and so unlike Scarlett’s other friends. So much so that I had to force myself to ignore her or I would have been in jail far before I had a chance to do much anything else. I fantasized about Edlyn while I was in the sandpits that my teams had been sent to. I dreamed of her lush body when I was learning about the real family business, and I knew then that I wouldn’t be able to ever have her in my life. She was far too delicate.
Now I stood watching over Edi while she made her way through the motions with my sister, and I knew she had changed. I knew without a doubt with that change that she kept all of herself carefully hidden. Each movement she made was economical. It was measured, and it was very unlike the Edlyn that had grown up with Scarlett. She was different, secretive, and walked with an air of danger which interested me, greatly.
I had previously noticed that Ivan, one of Dimitri’s closest friends and Enforcers, had taken notice of Edlyn as well. No, she was mine and would only be mine. I would have her, even if it was the wrong thing to do. With that in mind I approached Ivan and settled beside him as we both leaned against the bar and watched our prey.
“I assume that you don’t want permanence with our Edi?” I was anything if not blunt. I had to know what exactly Ivan wanted from Edlyn, a woman that I was damn sure going to make mine.
“No, permanence isn’t something that I would enjoy. I’m a man who was created to be alone. I will never have a woman that I answer to, only women that I will play with when I so wish it.”
I snorted at Ivan’s answer, but that was perfectly fine with me. I wanted Edi as my own, but I wanted her to have a taste of all the passions that were out there so that she knew she was choosing me for herself and not because she didn’t want to be alone.
“Good,” I told the man. But I wasn’t so certain that he was telling me the truth. I knew the woman who had captured our attention and knew that she would not be the kind of woman that you walked away from. Unlike Ivan, I knew what I wanted. I wanted permanence, and Edi was the one that I wanted it with. “Then I think that we have something to discuss. A certain someone.” I nodded my head in Edi’s direction and watched the smile curve Ivan’s lips. I knew that the man had lusted after Edlyn from the moment he met her. That was when I began to plan my siege of the beautiful Edlyn Carter.
Edlyn Carter 
They all think I'm a saint. Seem to think that they all know me so well, but they don't. I'm not the good girl everyone seems to believe that I am, but I have to keep up the fa├žade in order to protect the truth about myself. Scarlett and Alissa thought that I was always off saving the whales or some such nonsense, but that wasn’t the truth. I would never turn down a chance for a cruise, but that was as close as I would ever get to save the whales. No, I had far more pressing matters that I had to deal with.
I snorted as I watched my best friend, Scarlett, at her wedding reception, wondering just what they would all think if I told them the truth. I might be killed, but then again who knew with these people? All of the information I had on file seemed to be blown out if the water by the larger than life personalities that I was just meeting, and that had me on edge.
I glanced at Vinny and Ivan and wanted to groan. Life was never going to be the same, not just because of my bestie but because of these men. Vinny, I knew. I had known him all of my life, and damn the man if I wasn't in love with the asshat the whole time. Even if, when I was younger, he had only seen me as the fat one of his sister’s friends it hadn’t mattered. Nope, him I understood, but the Russian enforcer was a different ball of yarn. Him I didn't get and probably never would. Not if I wanted to keep breathing at least. It was best if I played coy and got the hell out of Vegas as quickly as possible, literally, since Scarlett and Dimitri were married in Vegas. I just hoped that Breaker remembered and called me at the appointed time, so I could rush off due to an emergency at school and get back to my reality. Not one where two men who were as hot as the sun lusted after me. This was some kind of weird dream. Period, the end.
I was standing in a corner, granted behind a huge potted palm tree, when I was suddenly caught off guard. I was shocked when a large hand touched me and took my left hand, but nothing could have prepared me for the roughened hand that took my right hand. What in the name of all of God’s creations was going on?
Looking up, I saw the two men, Ivan holding my champagne while Vinny looked down at me as if I had just made all of his birthday wishes come true simply because I wasn’t jerking away from him. Yep, I was in deep shit here.
“Can I help you?” I asked when I was finally able to find my voice. The touch of these two men was impossible to ignore. It ignited something in me that I had long ago forgotten about. Their touches made me feel alive, and that terrified me more than anything that I could understand.
“We want a dance,” Vinny said softly, his large thumb caressing my hand and making me a bit weak in the knees.
“Both of you? Then you should dance together.” I knew that I sounded like a sourpuss, but I had to have these men away from me or I was going to go into a gooey puddle at their feet and that just wouldn’t do at all. I had more of a backbone than that.
“Oh darling, you wound us.” Ivan spoke softly, lifting my hand and brushing his lips over my knuckles, a move that had Vinny letting out a low growling sound.
That was a new one. I had never heard him making those sorts of noises, ever. Then again, Ivan’s soft lips against my knuckles was something I couldn’t dream of either. I had to get out of here. I had to get away, or I was going to fall so hard for both men that it really would kill me to walk away.
“I don’t think that I could wound either of you. You both have on body armor. I wonder what Scarlett would think if she knew that you were both dressed for war while at her reception? Naughty, naughty boys,” I told them. However, I realized in that second that I had made a big mistake by acknowledging that I realized what they were wearing.
Backing me to the wall, both men seemed to have placed their tumblers of drinks as well as mine in the potted plant. It was comical; however, at this moment in time all I felt was warm and fuzzy. I wanted Vinny, had for as long as I could remember, but now I wanted Ivan, too, at least once. There was something seriously wrong with me, and I knew it.
Ivan spoke first, his fingers running over my cheek as he did so. “I believe that you should invite us to your room to dance if you don’t want to be seen on the floor with me.”
Wait, what? I couldn’t believe that this man had just suggested what he did, but even more so when Vinny added, “I have to agree with him, at least on this and ensuring your comfort.” Vinny then did something he had never done before. He leaned in and brushed his lips over the side of my neck and bit my earlobe.
Fuck my life but that tiny nibble went straight to my pussy, and then Ivan began. His hand moved over my back and down to my ass. He gave it a squeeze and smiled. He knew what he was doing to me. They both did. Damn them. Ivan’s hand moved up the back of my leg and under my skirt, the wall at our back and large planter at our front protecting us from sight.
I closed my eyes and let out a quiet moan. I had to be quiet since there were people having a chat on the other side of the plant. This was indecent, and I loved it. When Ivan’s hand touched my ass, I had to bite my lips. That didn’t last long however because before I knew it Vinny was kissing me while Ivan squeezed and caressed my behind. I was both thankful for and cursing the thong I was wearing. These men were working in synch to wear me down, and it worked perfectly for them. I opened my mouth at Vinny’s soft lips and probing tongue then shivered when his kiss deepened and Ivan’s clever fingers made their way under the floss-like thread of my panties, which had me whimpering with need.
I placed a hand on Vinny’s neck and tugged him closer, and the other hand I placed on Ivan’s chest, fisting into his shirt to hold him close. This was so naughty, but I couldn’t seem to care. All that I could care about was getting closer to these men.
“Take us to your room. I want to see you come. I want to hear you scream,” Ivan said when he and Vinny changed places, Ivan kissing me and Vinny’s hands moving into my panties. There was more than one person who moved around the dance floor and came near us, but I couldn’t seem to care. All that I wanted was these men. I heard a giggle and a discreet cough, which had me biting my lower lip to keep from crying out.
Finally, I whimpered and said, “Yes. God damn you both, yes.” I gave in to them because I desperately wanted and needed them, both of them. 

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Poked by the PO PO by T. Lee Garland

Poked by the PO PO
T. Lee Garland
Release date: August 9, 2018
Publisher: Evernight


A killer forces them on the run...

Assistant DA Nicole Bevens is a fierce opponent in the courtroom and demands justice for her clients. She's as smart as she is beautiful, but when her former step-father breaks out of prison and comes after her intending to make her his next victim, she is placed into protective custody.

Detectives Trey Marsh and Jordan Wallace will do whatever it takes to protect Nicole—even if that means letting her have her way with their bodies. When trouble comes their way, they will put themselves in harm’s way to safeguard the woman they’ve come to love.

Author Bio:

T Lee Garland lives in Clarksville, Tennessee. One of her first memories as a child is her Uncle Roy giving her a Little Golden book for her Birthday. That’s all it took, she was hooked on reading. She read her first romance book at seventeen and never looked back. She loves a bad boy who doesn’t know how good he really is. As a matter of fact she married one! She loves writing strong female characters who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go after it.

She shares her home with about one hundred Barbies, countless books and movies, a rescued beagle named Samwise Gamgee (Sammie for short) and a plump, elderly cat named Coco. She is most proud of her two sons, who remain her true-life heros.

And in case you were wondering that Little Golden book is still one of her most priceless treasures…forty-nine years later.

Social Links: 

Facebook Page          Twitter          Pinterest          Amazon          Instagram


Don’t worry, Ms. Bevens, we’ve got you covered. I have a couple of detectives on standby. Marsh and Wallace are two of my best. They are ex-military and experienced. They have been briefed on the situation and are ready to move you to a secure location. You will be put into protective custody until Mann is located and apprehended.”

“Babysitters? No, thanks, Chief, it won’t come to that. I can take care of myself.”

“I don’t think you understand, Nicole. This isn’t a suggestion. This is a direct order. As your boss, I insist that you agree to being placed under protective custody.” He could see her mouth open to protest and he quickly held up his hand. “Just, until Mann is located, you will be off the clock.”

Nicole jumped to her feet, her eyes wide with disbelief. “James, you can’t do that. I have pending cases. You just had me pulled from court, for heaven’s sake. I’m in the middle of an important trial. The victim is counting on me. I can’t let her down.”

“I understand and I’ve already taken care of that. I have transferred your active cases to other attorneys in the office. The pending cases have been delayed whenever possible and reassigned to others when we were not able to get them deferred.” Perkins shook his head. “Don’t fight this, Nicole, because you won’t win. This order is coming from the top. We all know how dangerous Mann is and I’m not going to chance the life of my best prosecutor and especially one I consider a friend.”

Chief Howard stood up from behind his desk and cleared his throat. “Ms. Bevens, Detectives Marsh and Wallace are waiting to escort you to your home to gather some clothing prior to heading to the room we have reserved at a local hotel.” Chief made a hand motion and the door swung open. Entering were the two large men she had seen earlier. “Ms. Bevens, this is Detectives Marsh and Wallace. You will be in good hands.”

They smiled at her and Marsh stepped forward and offered his hand. “Trey Marsh, Ms. Bevens. We actually met once before last year in court. I testified at a hit-and-run you were prosecuting.”

His large, warm hand gripped Nicole’s and his smile lit up the room. He had caused her many sleepless nights, thinking of how his smooth, shaved head would feel between her thighs. Women in the courtroom had audibly sighed when he entered the room. His smile was infectious and Nicole smiled back. “Yes, I remember, Detective Marsh. We won, as I recall, thanks to your expert testimony. Sorry you’re now stuck on babysitting duty.”

He shrugged his massive shoulders and flashed that smile, and Nicole felt her core tingle and heat pool at her center. “It’s my pleasure, actually. The law enforcement community respects your hard-nose approach in the courtroom. We’re on the same side, to get the bad guys.” His voice was silky smooth like rich, melted chocolate. He had a way of pulling her into his circle and making her feel safe, warm, and welcome. Nicole liked that about him instantly.

“Ms. Bevens, I’m Jordan Wallace. Unlike Marsh, I haven’t had the pleasure yet.”

The boy next door on steroids gripped her hand and gave it a firm shake. His eyes were amazing. They were even bluer up close, his gaze hitting her body like laser beams, and instantly she felt her panties go wet. She squeezed her thighs together to contain the mini orgasm-shudder that coursed through her body.

“Thank you, Detective Wallace, the pleasure is mine.” Nicole’s eyes swept the room, landing on all four men. Being the only woman in a room full of men was not a new experience for her, but somehow this was different. She sensed that these men actually cared about keeping her safe. Never having known a father, this male protectiveness was a new one for her and she wasn’t sure how she felt about it. “Chief Howard, James, thank you.”

“Stay safe, Nicole. We’ll be in touch,” James said.

Chief Howard stood and shook her hand. “Ms. Bevens, rest assured the department will use every resource we can bring to the table to recapture Mann. He can’t hide from us forever.”

Nicole certainly hoped not. She needed her life back and the sooner the better. She turned to her assigned bodyguards. My goodness, being locked up with these two was going to be interesting. Especially when her body was reacting like a teenager with its first crush and her mind was playing what if games with her. Nicole shrugged. She was always up for a challenge and these two would certainly be that and more.

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Evernight Publishing          Bookstrand          Amazon 

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Son of the Moon by Jennifer Macaire

 Son of the Moon
by Jennifer Macaire
A reverse harem / time travel novel

'A fascinating glimpse into the Ancient World jam-packed with adventure and colour. Well researched, entertaining and intriguing.'

- Jodi Taylor, best-selling author of the Chronicles of St Mary's series

Alexander the Great journeys to India, where he and Ashley are welcomed with feasts and treachery.

With their son, Paul, being worshiped as the Son of the Moon, and Alexander’s looming death, Ashley considers the unthinkable: how to save them and whether she dares to cheat Fate?

Universal Amazon link:

The night was sultry, the air like hot silk on our bodies. I spread a cotton sheet on the grass next to the tent and pulled Plexis down beside me. He was trembling, urgent, and I let him take me a first time, quickly. Then, when his breathing had slowed, I made him take me again, and this time we really made love. This time we shared our bodies and our desires, slowly, heartbreakingly, tenderly.

I wrapped my legs around his hips and held him to me, feeling his orgasm calling mine, and I answered. I let myself go –  let myself be swept along. Our bodies slid and glided together. Sweat gleamed in the starlight. His skin was dark, mine light. I arched against him and let my body drink its fullfill. Then we lay still, and I waited until my tremors stopped. I sighed deeply. Goose bumps rose on my arms. Plexis leaned over me and his lips brushed my nipples.

The yearning came back as sharply and poignantly as before. I moaned and opened my legs. His hands cupped my face as he soothed me. “Shh, shhh,” he whispered.

Someone else knelt between my legs. Alexander. His eyes in the moonlight were fey. I met him halfway, and this time I didn’t hold back. We grappled like wrestlers, gasping and twisting, striving to immobilize each other. He was stronger than I, but I was supple and had never been wounded in battle. I knew all his weaknesses, every torn muscle, and each broken bone. His body was still magnificent, but it had its foibles, and I had the hunger of a she-lion. Under the swollen moon, I felt as if there were fire beneath my skin, as if my blood were electricity.

He came, crying hoarsely in my ear. I felt his body jerking into mine, and I suddenly let all my muscles go loose, letting the storm take me as it would, giving myself to the yellow moon, to the hot air, to the monsoon clouds darkening the horizon.

Alexander lifted me and carried me into the tent. He laid me on the bed and we slept deeply until dawn. The heat didn’t wake me for once. I slept the boneless sleep of fulfillment, a smile on my lips. Chiron woke me. I stood, stretched languorously, then looked at Alexander who cocked a satirical eyebrow at me.

“Sleep well?” he asked.

“Mmm, yes.” I grinned, then grimaced. “Ow, did you bit bite my lip?”

He leered, “‘And a lot of other things.”

Plexis rose and took Chiron from his hammock, holding him at arm’s length. “Is this smelly thing yours?” he asked me.

“I’m afraid so,” I took the baby. “I’m off to the river to bathe. Who wants to come?”

Alexander came with me to the river. Dawn was breaking. The sky was shell shell-coloured; pale pink and coral along the horizon, darkening gradually to the west. There were still stars faintly visible where the heart of India lay, still sleeping.

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Shelter The Reckoning by Allyson Young aka Peri Elizabeth Scott


Captain Jesse Forbes was understandably mistaken in his original assessment of Colonel Mitchell Stone. But his method of gathering that intel has blown up in his face. Given Addison Longwood’s history, he knows she’ll never offer him a second chance, and working together against a common foe is going to be torture in more ways than one.

 Addison hopes for the best but expects the worst as she and her fellow defenders gain reinforcements and take it to the enemy, unaware another betrayal awaits them. Survivors change sides and lines are blurred—good guys and bad guys wear camo.

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Stepping right into her space, he grasped her by the upper arms and yanked her close. The familiar feel of his body against her own, his scent, thrust her into memories—the good ones that had temporarily replaced the ones from her childhood—and nearly overwhelmed her common sense.

“Addy, I need to you to listen to me. Please.” For an instant, she longed to melt into him, to let him kiss her the way he did, to escape from the reality that was to come. To allow what usually followed such a kiss. Her innate sense of survival overrode the impulse. Trust was such a fragile thing… Fool me once. She carried enough shame.

Twisting free, the strength of his fingers likely leaving marks, she put distance between them. “Don’t. Not ever.” The words, spoken so adamantly, quietly and so coldly, fell between them and rose up like an invisible wall only the two of them could see.

Jesse stilled, staring at her, his whiskey-golden eyes morphing into solid amber. “You’ll never forgive me.”

“There’s nothing to forgive.” She repeated what she’d said to Marcia and would repeat forever, if necessary. “Means to an end. I get it. I’d be stupid to let it get to me. But that doesn’t mean I’ll let you use me again. We can’t afford to allow anything get in the way of what’s coming next. We can’t afford to be … distracted. You have everything you need.”

“This is about what happened to you growing up.” The wistful, arbitrary feeling about her own needs burned away with white-hot rage. Damn him.

She managed a shrug but then hit back, forgetting her resolve to remain distanced. “Such a clever spy, Forbes. You know all my secrets. Good on you. Hope your real boss appreciates your diligence. Anything for the cause. It’ll look good in your report. Make sure you spell my name right.”

“That’s not—” He growled something under his breath and stalked over to a folding table, kicking a chair out of the way.

“I’m leaving. And don’t pull anything like this again.” She made her weak knees stiffen so her legs could carry her past him.

“It became so much more, Addison.” He turned and spread his hands. “I can’t go back. I wish I could. If I’d known what it could become, I’d have waited. Until you knew who I really was.”

She shut her eyes tightly against a new shard of pain in her chest before gaining the exit, not able to form a coherent response. A terrible sense of loss hollowed her senseless, but she schooled her features.

 About the author:

 Allyson Young aka Peri Elizabeth Scott lives in cottage country, Manitoba, Canada. She and her husband pretend to work well together in their seasonal business. She has always enjoyed the written word, and after reading an erotic romance, quite by mistake, decided to try her hand at penning one. That was followed by a mix of spicy (Ally) and sweet (Peribeth) romances in various genres as well as a post-apocalyptic adventure without a lick of romance by Peribeth. A bestselling Amazon author, a hybrid, and a coauthor, as of April 2018 she has published seven series and several standalones, with others in the works.

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Max's Desire by Elyzabeth M Valey

Alpha Protectors, 3
How can a man love a succubus without literally losing his heart? 

Alpha Protector Max almost died during his last mission to Lust’s hellish lair, but the worst torture was his failure to save Eva, a young woman who begged for his help. When he meets her again in Spain, he discovers two things. One, she is his mate. Two, she is also a succubus.

Though Eva has not come into her full power, her love could still be fatal. For how long will he be able to defy her allure? 

Pleasure is Eva’s business. Love isn’t. 

Although unaware of her true nature, as a luxury escort, she is used to men falling at her feet. Yet, Max doesn't. Though his attraction mirrors hers, the soldier does things differently and she can't help falling for him.

And Eva is terrified by her recurring nightmares. When someone from her past shows up, and the dreams become reality, there is only one thing that can save Max’s heart.
Be Warned: forced seduction

and more!

Thank you for having me at your blog today! I’m here to talk about Max’s Desire, where sex, demons, art and a vibrant European city all come together.

As a writer, one of the most important things when writing paranormal romance is finding the balance between fantasy and reality. There has to be a connection. In Max’s Desire that link occurs when Max travels to Madrid, Spain and meets Eva.

Together, the pair explore the city I have lived in for the past ten years. They visit places I have seen and walked through: Calle Alcala, the rooftop terrace in Santa Ana, the Prado Museum…

 I can’t wait to share it with all of you!

Alpha Protectors follows the story of the Guardians. An elite unit of paranormal soldiers created to balance out the forces between good and evil. Their mission in life is to protect the people, both human and supernatural, from the influence of the seven Sins: Pride, Lust, Wrath, Greed, Sloth, Envy, and Gluttony.

Not only do they have to fight evil, but also their own demons, which can be much worse.

Each novel can be read as a standalone. 

“What happened?”
She chuckled, self-deprecating, and shifted her gaze. “I had a nightmare.”
“Must have been quite vivid.”
Her bottom lip trembled and she sucked it in.
“Hey, it’s okay. You don’t have to tell me about it.”
“I panicked. It was stupid, really. I don’t even remember much anymore, but when I woke up.” She shuddered. “I was screaming your name.”
“So you called me.”
Her eyes locked with his, shimmering with undisguised concern.
“I thought something had happened to you.”
Max smiled. He rubbed her cheek with the pad of his thumb.
“I’m perfectly fine, and I’m glad you called me. I was in the subway, which is why I didn’t answer.”
He spoke the truth. He’d been on his way to one of the portals hidden in the city, so he could go to the academy and do some research. When he’d received her call, he’d turned back. “How come you fell asleep? I thought you had to get ready for work.”
Eva pressed her lips tightly and squirmed on his lap. Max’s jaw dropped as her welcoming heat caressed his groin through his jeans. He gawked at Eva, taking in her flimsy attire. She hadn’t closed her robe, and the silky material gaped at the front, revealing soft, pink flesh, from the curve of her breasts to the dip of her stomach and lower. Max swallowed. Desire pumped through his veins at the speed of lightning, his cock growing at an equally alarming rate.
“I canceled my date tonight,” she said.
“How—” Max coughed. “Sorry. How come?”
She shrugged and moved again. Her lips parted soundlessly. No doubt she’d noticed the wedge of his erection. Her eyes narrowed and she grinned. 
“Well, I wasn’t in the mood to go out, and I couldn’t stop thinking about you.”
“I called in sick. I couldn’t bear the idea of being touched by another man.” She gave him one of her practiced coy looks. “I also masturbated to you.”
Max dropped his arms to his sides. Maybe if he didn’t touch her, he’d escape temptation. She leaned forward, rubbing against him.
“You want me,” she stated. “And I want you,” she purred.
“Eva, it’s not a good idea.”
“Why?” She pouted.
Why indeed? How did he explain his fear? How did he tell his mate that yes, he wanted to make love to her but was afraid she’d rip him apart?
Eva placed her hands on his shoulders.
“We won’t fuck if you don’t want to, but let me touch you, please you in other ways.”
She ran her hands across his chest, rubbing the hilt of her palm against his straining nipples. Max threw his head back, swallowing his groan. His cock throbbed relentlessly, desperate to be inside of her.
She brushed her mouth over his, a light feather touch which made his heart pound, quieting the voice in his head. Eva rolled her hips, rubbing against him. Taking hold of his hands, she placed them on her hips. His fingers flexed, then slid beneath her robe to her ass, massaging the firm globes. Her gasp fueled his passion. He dipped lower, finding her slick folds.
His thoughts fled, his mind becoming blessedly blank and focused on only one thing: his mate.  He pushed a digit into her, then another.
“So wet, kitten.”
“Yes, for you.”
Max pulled out and licked her cream. Musky and sweet, it was better than anything he’d ever had.
“Fuck me,” she begged.
“Not yet.”
Grasping the back of her head, he angled her mouth and kissed her hard. Eva snaked her hands beneath his t-shirt. They glided across his abdomen, heading north.
“You’re wearing too many clothes,” she declared.
She tugged on his shirt and he swept it off. 
“Oh my God, Max.”
He froze. Fuck. How could he have forgotten? 

About Elyzabeth M. VaLey
Elyzabeth M. VaLey is a writer of sizzling, sexy romance who firmly believes in happy ever after.  From paranormal to contemporary, fantasy, or historical, she enjoys exploring her characters' darker side and writing stories about tortured heroes, strong heroines, and all that comes between them and their love.

When she's not writing, she can be found walking in the Spanish countryside with her black Lab, exploring castles, or enjoying some tapas with her friends. 

Follow her at:
Instagram (@elyzabethm.valey)

Pinterest  (Max’s Desire has its own inspiration board)