Cowboy for the Holiday

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Valentine’s Day should be about the emotion, the love between two people, not spending money. And that is the philosophy Grant Franklyn lives by. It would be more effective if he had that special someone in his life, but unfortunately the only woman he wants nothing to do with him.

Jacqueline Hunter is all for falling in love and has already lost her heart. Unfortunately the object of her affection doesn’t realize she exists—unless he is trying to get on her last nerve. 

When she's stuck at Grant Franklyn’s farm after a freak snow storm, whatever is a girl to do? Jacqueline has some naughty ideas, but can she get Grant on board?

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For fifteen years Carson MacDonald has been thinking about the woman who vanished from his life without a trace. Working his family ranch has kept his days busy but his nights are too long and empty without her there. Carson never forgot his first and only love, no matter how much he tried.

Jennifer MacElroy did what was needed to do to survive after having her heart broken. But fate is a fickle thing and she’s forced back to her birthplace to take part in training for her newest movie role. Unfortunately it’s on Carson’s ranch. If she’s lucky the new persona she’s taken on as Monica will help her fly under the radar. What she hadn’t counted on was her daughter.

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