Massey, TX

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Massey, Texas Series

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 Massey, TX 1
After sixteen years in the Marine Corps, Rhys Hollister is returning to Massey, Texas with a heavy weight bearing down on him. His father’s life hangs in the balance, marring any pleasure he finds in coming back home. Finally meeting Gwen Baker, his father’s doctor and family friend, comes as an unexpected pleasure in a time of such sadness. 

Having never met the elusive Rhys, though she knows his mother and sister well, Gwen gets quite the shock when she first sets eyes on the man. There’s a connection between them, deeper than either have ever felt, and one strong enough to last a lifetime. The timing isn’t ideal, but their feelings won’t be denied forever. 
All it takes is a celebration, some time alone together, and a mutually burning desire hot enough to rival a Texas summer. When they are in each other’s arms, it’s just like coming home. 

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Massey, TX 2
Joshua Carver and Alison Hollister have been neighbors for years. They have also been in love with each other for just as long, but never admitted it. 
As a model, Alison has traveled to far off locations, met new people, and had amazingly good success. All it took was one person to ruin all she’d worked so hard to achieve. One moment, a singular event, will change the course of her life forever. 
Born and bred to work the land his forefathers secured through their blood, sweat, and tears, Joshua Carver is a rancher through and through. He loves his piece of land, his heritage, but he’s looking toward the future. Looking forward to a wife and children, but only one woman will do.
With trouble on their doorstep, they will have to rely on each other. They are out of options if they truly want their forever. 

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Massey, TX 3
Coming to Massey, TX was a favor to a friend, but soon Victor “Tricks” Michaels was calling it home. When his friend once again asked for a little help he stepped up to the plate. What he didn’t expect was the terror he’d have to see in her eyes.

Gennifer “Genny” Baker has always played up her party girl, troublemaker image. If people only ever expect the worst then they can never be disappointed. But she’s gotten herself in deeper than anything ever before and she needs help extricating herself, fast. A call home to her sister soon has help on the way. She just never expected it to come in such a sexy bundle.

A long road trip home shows Genny just what she’s truly been missing with a man of her own. If they survive what’s coming, maybe she can convince Victor he’s the Marine of her heart.
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Massey, TX 4
Disheartened with a career he no longer loves, Travis Carver is seriously considering returning home to Massey, Texas. While he’s unsure what his role in the future might be, he finds it doesn’t matter once he’s reconnected with an indescribable beauty.

Cassidy Milner only has fond memories of Massey, Texas. At one time her home, before a horrific tragedy forced her to move. Returning to her birthplace after losing her job wasn’t quite what she expected. Especially once she ran into an old neighbor looking just as lost as she felt.

Their connection is instantaneous, but with her former boss dragging her into trouble how can Cassidy dare to hope? Travis isn’t about to let the best thing in his life get away. All he has to do is convince her that their love is worth taking a chance.

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Massey, TX 5
Mercy Jenkins is a free woman, at last! Never again will she enter into a relationship without thinking it through. Never again will she be swept off her feet without some way to anchor herself firmly. Never again will she let a man have control over her heart. She really should have known better... 
Brant Carver is home for a holiday, not by choice. Going out for a night on the town with his brother is exactly what he needs to help him forget why he’s on vacation. Not once did he figure that he’d end up waking in Mercy’s bed, or forgetting how he got there. 
Mercy made a choice to be upfront with Brant about the consequences of their one and only night together. What comes next proves they both have a second chance at love.
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Massey, TX 6
For six years, Megan Jenkins has lived the life of a stripper for only one purpose, taking down the drug operation flowing through her hometown of Massey, Texas. It wasn’t a glamorous life, and the perks really weren’t all that perky. Or they weren’t before he came to town, and had her entire body sitting up to take notice.
Simon Markham felt a little adrift after leaving the Marine Corps. Massey was a nice enough place, decent folks, and one person in particular who had his attention whenever she walked by. When he finds out she’s in the middle of an operation that is beginning to slide sideways, there is no way he’s sitting on the sideline. 
Megan and Simon quickly discover that drugs are not the only things being sent out of Massey. When Megan is kidnapped,  Simon will do whatever is necessary to save his undercover lover.

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Massey, TX 7
Rebuilding her life was never in Elizabeth Davidson’s plans, but things rarely go according to plan. At least she had Massey, TX to call home when she needed a place to tuck herself away from one mistake after another. What she hadn’t planned on was becoming embroiled in the middle of a multi-agency case. Or becoming one of the victims.

Frank Carver, Jr. loves Massey, TX. It’s the place of his birth, and will always be the place he considers home. Because of the nature of his job, and the people he’s come across during the years, he’s always been careful to never lead that danger back home. But when danger finds its way into the very heart of his town, he has no other choice but to return. Especially when Elizabeth, the only woman he could ever love ends up with a target on her back.

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Massey, TX 8
Brandy Carver was living her dream of making clothing for real, every day women. When she gains the wrong kind of attention from a man that doesn’t have “no” in his vocabulary there’s only one action to take—returning home where she’s safest, and where she can finally breathe once more. 
Anthony “Crank” Romero, former Marine turned gentleman farmer, is willing to admit he’s a bit of a ladies man. The truth is he’s only looking for the right woman. Finding her when she’s got trouble on her tail wasn’t his plan, but he’s not about to argue when he’s tasked with keeping her safe. 
Discovering Brandy’s interests in the bedroom makes Crank realize they are perfect for each other. Knowing he can’t let her go, not when she’s his perfect other half, he’ll do whatever is necessary to ensure that they have a chance at their fated love.
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Massey, TX 9
Taking over her father’s practice was always in the cards for Athena Rhodes. What she didn’t expect was having to deal with the mob. Being an honest, law-abiding citizen, Athena does what anyone would do in the situation—she reported the threats to the local authorities. The FBI was quick to take up the case, and keep an eye on her. But things are about to rise to a whole new level. 

Martin Carver’s life is a carefully constructed cover story of saving the world, one whale at a time. The reality is a whole lot more dangerous. As a covert operative for the FBI he never once thought he’d be seeing the woman who holds his heart under such dangerous circumstances. But when he gets handed a folder with Athena’s name on it, there’s no one that will keep him from protecting her, and finally saying the words “forever mine”. 
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